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Information for Registered Families

 My child is registered for Camp Noah. Now what?


Talk with your Site Coordinator if you need assistance in getting your child to camp. We don’t want any child to miss out on Camp Noah because of transportation!

What Kids Should Wear

Tennis shoes and outdoor play clothes work the best. Campers have a lot of fun doing arts, crafts, and recreation during the day. Fancy dress is not required or suggested.

What Not to Bring to Camp

Children should not bring any of the following to camp: Cell phones, weapons, food/beverages, books or magazines, animals, or electronic or non-electronic games.

Before & After Camp

Check with your Site Coordinator about before and after camp options.

Attendance at Camp

Because Camp Noah is a process and each session builds on those before, we strongly encourage campers to attend all sessions.

Bringing Other Kids to Camp

All elementary-age children from a community impacted by disaster are welcome to attend Camp Noah. While friends, cousins, etc. visiting from communities outside of your town would have fun at camp, many of the activities are geared for children who live in the community.

Food & Beverages

We provide a healthy breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon snacks for all children at camp. If you child has any special allergies or food concerns please speak with your Site Coordinator as soon as possible.


If your child has medicine they need to take during the camp day, please make sure to turn it into the Site Coordinator in the original container with instructions for dispensing.

Emergency Procedures

If an emergency situation should arise during the camp day we will inform you as soon as possible at your emergency contact number. If you have an emergency and need to reach your child during camp please contact the Site Coordinator.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are not permitted at Camp Noah for any child. If any child has a cell phone the Site Coordinator will hold on to it until the end of the camp day when it is returned to you or your child.


All of our volunteers are trained and background checked prior to the beginning of camp.

Photo Release

During camp, local media may visit. In this event, we ask parents and guardians to give permission for your child to be interviewed and/or be quoted and/or appear in TV, radio, internet or newspaper coverage. If you prefer your child not to be photographed, interviewed, or videotaped during camp activities, the Site Coordinator and volunteers will make sure to respect your wishes.  

Special Sack

A Special Sack is a paper sack containing 5-7 items representing the child – these could be the physical items or a drawn picture or photo depicting something about your child. All items must fit into the sack. Children will all be given a Special Sack to bring home and fill on the first day. Every morning, a few children will share the contents of their sack with their small group.


After camp, parents/guardians will be emailed a link to an online evaluation asking about their child's experience with Camp Noah. Please fill out these confidential evaluations. We would love to hear your feedback! 

Unique Situations

We understand that every child is different and there are always unique situations. If you have any special circumstances you think we should be aware of please include it on your online registration form. Do not hesitate to talk with your Site Coordinator about any questions you may have about Camp Noah.


We look forward to seeing your child at Camp Noah!