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In-Kind Donations

Camp Noah gives every child a set of unique items while at camp to assist them in processing their disaster experience, including a Preparedness Backpack, Kids Kit, and tied fleece blanket.

Donations of decorated Camp Noah birthday cards, Kids Kits, and tied fleece blankets help offset the cost of camp to the communities we serve, and make a lasting difference to thousands of kids each year!

Who can do these projects?

Individuals, church groups, families, businesses, service groups, Sunday Schools/Bible School - ANYONE can support Camp Noah with in-kind donations.

Make one. Or 50. Or 500. Do what you can - every donation helps a child heal. Thinking big? If you are interested in organizing an event to make these supplies for Camp Noah, let us know at 1.800.987.0061.

Birthday Cards

Each child at camp receives a colored birthday card from a volunteer. The children receive these on the first day of camp, where all children have a chance to celebrate their birthday!  Download the card template here.

Kids Kits

A Camp Noah Kids Kit provides a camper with all the art and craft supplies needed to complete projects throughout their week of Camp Noah. Campers get to keep all their Kids Kit supplies to use in their upcoming school year.

Fleece Blankets

Each child at Camp Noah receives their own tied fleece blanket to use during camp and then take home at the conclusion of camp. One of the most popular items campers receive, these blankets provide comfort as children process their disaster experience, and serve as a lasting reminder of their Camp Noah experience. One camper wrote to tell us he took his Camp Noah blanket to college with him - because it makes him feel safe and loved!

How do I make Kids Kits or Fleece Blankets for Camp Noah?

Download the simple directions for assembling a Kids Kit or making a tied fleece blanket below. Or watch this quick instructional video for fleece blankets.


Kids Kits for Camp Noah



Fleece Blankets for Camp Noah


Thank you for making a difference! Please deliver or ship all items to the Camp Noah office:

Camp Noah
2375 Como Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55108

The Camp Noah office is located on the Luther Seminary campus on the second floor of Bockman Hall.