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Camp Noah is typically provided free of charge to children, but Camp Noah is not a free program.

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The cost of a typical Camp Noah event is shared by many partners, including national, regional, and local organizations, Certified Camp Staff teams, foundations, and church partners, as well as individual donations.

Camp Noah provides a safe, caring and fun environment where children build resiliency skills within the familiarity of their own communities, using a proven curriculum designed to help children process their disaster and/or trauma experience through creative activities and play.  Camp Noah celebrates every child as special. In this safe and supportive setting, children are encouraged to face their fears, grieve their losses, identify and share their unique gifts and talents, and plan for an amazing future.

Change a child’s life—give the gift of Camp Noah! 

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Here’s what your gift can do

  • $12 provides a Kids Kit for a camper
  • $25 provides a camper with the security of their own preparedness backpack
  • $35 provides a camper with the security of their own preparedness backpack
  • $75 provides all of the supplies and materials needed for one camper
  • $150 provides a Camp Noah Birthday Celebration Party
  • $225 provides a scholarship for a Certified Camp Staff member to
  • $400 allows one camper to attend Camp Noah
  • $5,000 provides seed money to develop Camp Noah
  • $20,000+ provides Camp Noah for a disaster-impacted community

Mailing address for donations

Camp Noah
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
SDS 12-2054
PO Box 86
Minneapolis, MN 55486-2054