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How to Get Started

Host a Camp

All children can benefit from resiliency and preparedness skills taught at Camp Noah, and all communities can benefit from hosting a camp. 

Hosting a camp is an amazing opportunity for any community. Each Camp Noah event happens through the collaboration of many partners. If you are a parent looking for opportunities to help your child after a disaster, a community organization seeking to provide support, care, and resiliency-building for children in your area, or a community member that wants to bring hope and healing to your neighborhood after a traumatic event, Camp Noah staff are available to start a conversation about your unique needs and answer your initial questions. 

How to Get Started - Contact Camp Noah

Because of the unique collaboration method of planning Camp Noah for your community, it's encouraged to contact Camp Noah as soon as possible. There are some key components necessary to host a Camp Noah event: 

  • Children to attend Camp Noah!
  • Potential community partners in your area, including a local group, agency, or organization that may be willing to serve as the Coordinating Organization. (A Coordinating Organization commits to bringing Camp Noah to the community, and signs an agreement with Camp Noah. They also identify an individual to serve as a Site Coordinator, who oversees the event, recruits campers, and manages logistics.)
  • A facility that can accommodate campers, camp staff, and volunteers (e.g. school, community center, after-school program, place of worship)
  • Potential dates for Camp Noah
  • Funding or ideas of possible funding sources

Camp Noah staff will work with community partners to identify these components, providing direction and support as we work together to build resiliency, restore hope, and change lives of children.

Call or email us today: 1.800.987.0061 or

The fact that [Camp Noah] brought a whole lot of partners together to work on something also increases resiliency. It says you can partner and work together even if you don't all have the same beliefs and you don't all agree all the time. In this type of situation, you can come together and work together and make something great happen. –Community stakeholder