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If you have any questions other than the ones you find here, please contact us. We’re here for you.

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We want to answer any questions you may be having, so we put together a list of frequently asked questions related to our services. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can call your local office and our staff will be happy to help.

Do you prescribe medications?

No, but we can refer you to someone who can.

Do you have a trauma-focused therapist?

Yes – all of our staff are trained in trauma and/or trauma-informed care.

Are you trained in infant and early childhood?

Yes! We have mental health professionals trained to provide infant and early childhood assessments and therapies at each of our office locations. Learn more about our infant and early childhood mental health services >

What is a diagnostic assessment?

A diagnostic assessment is a tool used to evaluate mental and behavioral health, and to facilitate development of your personalized treatment plan.

Do you perform psychological testing?

Yes – we offer psychological testing at our Alexandria and Metro office locations.

What resources do you have for Veterans?

We have a wide range of resources for Military members, Veterans and their families – visit our Military and Veteran Services page to learn more.

What if I can’t find the support group that I’m looking for?

If we don’t currently offer what you’re looking for, we are happy to hear your requests. Request a group by calling your local office or sending us an email (link to contact page).

How much do your services cost, and do you offer a sliding fee?

For specific rates and fees for services, please contact your nearest LSS office. If you are unable to pay in full we will work with you to develop a payment schedule and/or determine if you qualify for sliding fee counseling sessions.

What types of insurance do you take?

LSS Behavioral Health Services is a participating provider in many commercial health insurance plans and accepts Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare. If you are unsure about your insurance benefits and requirements, please contact the provider of your health care plan.

How much time should I allow for each appointment?

A typical therapy session lasts 60 minutes. However, your first appointment will take longer.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

24-hour notice is required for all appointment cancellations. If two or more sessions are cancelled without notification, future appointments may be impacted.