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Domestic Waiting Children Program

There are hundreds of children living in the Minnesota foster care system who need permanent homes… 

Change a child’s life forever!

Waiting children are single children over the age of six, children in sibling groups of two or more, and children with other special needs.

Due to their traumatic life history, some children currently in foster care may present special challenges. The children may have mental health diagnoses and a small percentage of the waiting children have physical and developmental disabilities.

There are special rewards in parenting these children through the challenges they face. Waiting children make healthy and positive adjustments to life when they know their adoptive family will make a lifetime commitment.

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Profile of families that adopt Minnesota’s Waiting Children

Adoptive families make a lifetime commitment. Parents who adopt waiting children have:

  • Unconditional love
  • Patience for the long-term
  • Tolerance and understanding
  • A sense of humor
  • The ability to face rejection
  • Acceptance without judging
  • The strength to be consistent and set limits
  • The awareness that emotional healing doesn’t come quickly

No Fees – Minnesota’s Waiting Children

LSS and Children's Home will assist families throughout the process. We will:

  • Help you complete the application
  • Conduct the Home Study
  • Give you regular status updates
  • Offer adoption preparation and education
  • Provide foster parent adoption studies and relative adoption studies
  • Offer post-placement support

There are no fees for Minnesota families adopting a child through Minnesota’s Waiting Children program, because the State of Minnesota reimburses LSS or Children's Home for the adoption costs.*

Additionally, the child may be eligible for a federal or state adoption subsidy (adoption assistance). These payments are designed to help offset costs associated with raising your special needs child. Benefits may include monthly stipends, medical assistance, social services, and non-recurring adoption expense reimbursement.

*Families who complete a study for the purpose of adopting a child through the Minnesota Waiting Children program and subsequently use their study for another program, even in the matching process, will be required to reimburse the State of Minnesota for the cost of their adoption services.  See fee information below for more details.

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