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    Adoption Services

    A lifelong journey

    Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota and our partner, Children's Home Society, have placed over 45,000 children from more than 30 countries since 1864.

    We provide pregnancy counseling, adoption and post-adoption services to support birth parents, adoptive families and adopted adults.

    • Domestic Infant Adoption

      Minnesota Residents Only
      At Lutheran Social Service, we help adoptive families meet and work together with birth parents to plan their child’s adoption. Decisions about openness and future relationships are thoroughly explored as families decide what will work best for all involved.
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      International Adoption

      Available to Families Nationwide
      LSS and Children's Home are fully accredited agencies working in a number of countries globally. Children available for adoption range in age from a few months old up to 16 years old; siblings and children with special needs are also in need of adoption. 
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      Domestic Foster Care Adoption

      Minnesota Residents Only
      Hundreds of children (typically ages 8-18 years) living in the Minnesota foster care system need permanent, loving families and strong role models. Lutheran Social Service can assist families wishing to adopt waiting children in Minnesota as well as families who wish to expand their search nationwide.
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      Post Adoption Services

      Available to Individuals Regardless of Placing Agency
      LSS and Children's Home offer a broad range of post adoption services for all members of the adoption circle including: support following placement & finalization, communication facilitation between birth parents & adoptive families, background information & search/reunion services, support groups, training, referrals to outside resources, etc.
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      Is Adoption Right for Me?

      Wondering if adoption is right for your family? Not sure what questions to ask? Explore what adoption has to offer and the options we can provide for expanding your family.
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      Ready to Begin Your Journey?

      To request registration materials, information meeting dates, or to speak with an adoption specialist about our programs, please contact us today.
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