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The Pregnancy Services program at Lutheran Social Service has been providing comprehensive, non-directive/non-judgmental decision making counseling services to Minnesota women, men and couples facing unplanned pregnancies for over 100 years. Each and every person facing the stress of an unplanned pregnancy has a very personal decision to make.  

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota offers free and confidential pregnancy services throughout all stages of pregnancy. Services are available before birth as well as after.  

Our program is dedicated and committed to offering free, confidential, un-biased, non-directive/non-judgmental information, education and support regarding options to any Minnesota resident regardless of age, religion, race, income, gender and sexual orientation. Our program can also help people navigate through the process of making an open adoption plan for their child if they have already decided making an adoption plan is right for them.  

Call Toll-Free: 1-888-205-3769 or email: to learn more or to schedule an appointment.   

The choices and decisions are yours. 

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We offer practical guidance and emotional support to every person considering their options, regardless of their decision about adoption. 

If, however, you decide that adoption is best for your child, a Pregnancy Services Social Worker can help you navigate through the process of making an adoption plan while ensuring that you are aware of your rights and options at every step of the process. They will expertly guide you through the legal steps while providing support throughout the entire adoption planning process.  

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