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  • Larry Smith

    Access to Care for People with Disabilities

    Since being hired as an Intellectual and Developmental Disability Advocate last year, Larry Smith has gone to the Minnesota State Capitol to talk with legislators, visited Washington DC, and attended multiple self-advocacy conferences.

    Fueled by an eagerness to learn about public policy and human rights, Larry has quickly become a permanent fixture in the advocacy community. His growing knowledge and personal experience has provided valuable perspective at Advocating Change Together (ACT) meetings and for the Self-Advocates Minnesota (SAM) Leadership Circles.

  • Access to Services for People with Disabilities

    The Issue

    Redesign of supports for people with disabilities will be necessary to provide innovative services to increase independence in community at less cost to Minnesota.  

    The Goal

    Enact reforms so people with disabilities can design their own lives.

    2015 Public Policy Priorities

    Invest in Independence in Community

    The Altair Accountable Care Organization (ACO), a collaboration of disability and medical partners, advances a model that will incentivize investment in independent living, employment, and health and wellness for people with disabilities, while decreasing costs to Minnesota. Authorizing the Minnesota Department of Human Services to implement the incentive model will lead more individuals with disabilities living in community and decreased costs.

    Accountable Care Organization Agenda

    Increase Rates for Home and Community-Based Services

    In 2014, after a decade of stagnation, a 5% rate increase went a long way to address a crisis in home and community-based services (HCBS). In 2015, the 5% Campaign seeks an additional 5% rate increase to HCBS to further stabilize vital services to maintain high quality staff and processes that support people in community; as Minnesota simultaneously explores innovative models to serve individuals with disabilities that will increase independence and decrease costs.

    Your support is critical to the success of the the 5% Campaign. 'Like' the Facebook page, sign the petition and follow the 5% Campaign on Twitter. Click here for more information about the details of the campaign.

    5% Campaign Fact Sheet

    Action Alert: email your legislator

    Reform Medical Assistance

    Medical Assistance (MA) provides individuals with disabilities access to services that are necessary for living in community. Current law holds individuals with disabilities to
    income and assets standards that are different from people without disabilities, forcing individuals to “spend-down” limited resources to providers for services. 

    Raising income standards and asset limits will reduce the "spend-down" for thousands of Minnesotans with disabilities and ease challenges to providers who must absorb unpaid "spend-downs" or be forced to discontinue services to people who need them.

    To share your story about how the spend-down has impacted your life, or for more information about how you can get involved in the Medical Assistance Reform campaign to raise income and asset limits, visit the Minnesota Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities.

    MA Reform Fact Sheet

    Action Alert: email your legislator



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