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LSS Helped Me Consider All Of My Options

My Counselor epitomizes that 'old school' ethic - 'give full attention - make each customer feel like he/she is your only customer.

Dear LSS Financial Counseling,

I am pleased to go on record in commending, without qualification, Certified Consumer Credit Counselor Mary Kaluza. Over the past six months she has guided me through a financial quandary, treating me with such courtesy and encouragement I found myself not only clearer in mind about my situation, but better armed (in spirit as well as with information) to tackle credit and mortgage companies.

When my reverse mortgage application fell through and I had come near to the end of drawing on my limited savings and annuities, I called Tim Fischer, a Housing Counselor from LSS. He had been extremely helpful guiding me in my negotiations with Wells Fargo Bank. Everything was set for me to receive a reverse mortgage except for the economy and some negative factors in the neighborhood where I live. After patiently listening to my 'sad saga' he suggested I speak with 'Mary' at the Park Avenue Minneapolis LSS offices.

Our first meeting was October 4, 2011. I believe Mary spent an hour with me, pulling my credit report and going over it and all the related documents I had brought with me. She not only carefully went through my figures and papers, she gave me the names of organizations that might be able to help me with difficulties I was having with a construction company. After a day or two I received a very helpful action plan from her based on our conversation and the history I'd given her. At every stage of our contact - in person, by phone, through e-mail - I've been amazed by Mary's quick response to any and all of my questions and concerns. She epitomizes that 'old school' ethic - 'give full attention - make each customer feel like he/she is your only customer.' But in Mary's case her kindness and full attention feel completely genuine.

In closing here are some quotes from my thank you notes to Mary, which perhaps best express my appreciation of her caring assistance:

  • “I so value your help and the pleasure of meeting you. Thanks a lot."
  • "You're amazing and I count myself very fortunate to be one of your clients."

And, coincidentally, just three days ago......March 25, 2012, I sent an e-mail to Mary regarding the latest information and advice she had given me. Following is part of that e-mail I sent to Mary:

"Again, I am in your debt. You are such a kind, concerned, thorough adviser. I am so lucky to have met you and to have received the benefit of your wise and knowledgeable advice. Thanks so much to LSS and to you. LSS is fortunate to have you as one of their consultants and should you ever need or wish a testimonial, please do ask. It would be a pleasure and a privilege."