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A DMP Helped Us Become A Money Smart Family

After my divorce LSS helped me learn how to manage my finances.

I realized I was in financial trouble after my divorce. I went from two salaries to one and tried to live the same lifestyle I always had. I didn’t have a good handle on how to manage money because my ex-wife had managed it. Before I knew it I had $40,000 in credit card debt. And then came the housing crash. I thankfully sold my house and my new wife and I moved in with her parents. We all benefited from the situation. Unfortunately, we still had the credit card debt. I asked my Pastor and he pointed us in the direction of LSS Financial Counseling Service. I was worried initially because a lot of places say they will help and consolidate and end up being bad. With LSS I knew I didn’t have to check up on them. They were trustworthy and rock solid.

We met with our counselor Shannon Doyle. She helped us set up a budget and figure out what we had to do to achieve our goal. She didn’t make us feel like bad people. We started to learn how to manage money responsibly. We decided to set up a debt management plan to pay off our credit card debt.

Once on the plan we worked mainly with Barb Black, a client services representative. We kept in touch with her throughout the years. She was very caring and so helpful. I appreciated her matter-of-factness about paying off our debt. We did have some stumbling blocks throughout our plan. I am a teacher and do not get paid in the summer so by August it would be difficult to make our DMP payment. But we did it! And Barb was always there to help.

We made our final payment 2 months ago and paid off our DMP in 4 years instead of the original 5 year estimate! We had to swallow our pride and realize that money doesn’t define who we are as people. LSS gave us the confidence to be a money-smart family and now we manage our money responsibly.