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Support Team

We're here to help!

If you're currently on a DMP through LSS, please call the Support Team if...

You're worried about your next payment.
We can help. You can still be successful on a DMP. Call us today about your options.

You lost your job.
We'll talk through prioritizing expenses and crisis budgeting techniques.

Something on your creditor statement(s) is confusing you.
We'll help you figure out what's going on and what can be done.

Call us at 800.764.0351

Meet the Staff

Barb Black

Barbara Black

Barb has been working for LSS in Debt Management support for 14 years. Barb initiates the DMP set up process to make sure payments are going to the correct creditors and address any issues with DMPs until the people we serve conquer their debt. LSS spirit is strong on our team as Barb has also been awarded the LSS Spirit Award which recognizes her commitment to the LSS Mission and Vision.  In her world outside of work, Barb's passion is gardening. She loves working in her yard, creating flower beds and enjoying the changing landscape.

Barb Stiles

Barb Stiles

Barb is our resident data guru and “Jill of all trades.” She works with reporting, makes sure Debt Management Plan payments are disbursed to creditors correctly, and provides high-quality DMP support and creditor relations. She has been with LSS Financial Counseling for 7 years. Outside of work she enjoys spending her time making soap and candles as well as homeschooling her two energetic sons. Together with her husband they strive to keep their home chemical-free frugally.

Carla Melander

Carla Melander

Carla is a Debt Management Specialist with LSS Financial Counseling.  She has 3 grown kids, 3 grandkids, and all the fun that that brings!  She was a banker for over 30 years before embarking on a new career as a Certified Personal Chef.  Now, back in the financial world, Carla loves to work with folks just like her to become debt free instead of working on the for-profit banking side.  She loves to live life fully and simply: playing the guitar, biking, painting, traveling, spending time with the kids, gardening organically- saving money by growing her own veggies and herbs.

Joanne Lundberg

Joanne Lundberg

Joanne is a Certified Financial Counselor through the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). She has been a Financial Counselor in our Duluth office since 2000 after spending her previous career years working with people with disabilities and then working in the banking industry.  Joanne’s specialty at LSS is being our Retention Counselor which means she specifically works with people on Debt Management Plans who may be experiencing life challenges such as reduced income, marital challenges, and missed payments. Joanne graduated from The College of St. Scholastica with a BS in Social Work with a concentration in Biology.

Karen T

Karen Truscott

Karen Truscott has been with LSS for 14 years. She started in Youth Services advocating and guiding homeless youth under the LSS Renaissance Program. Karen now works full time with people on Debt Management Plans providing support ensuring the people she serves stay on track to conquer their debt for good. In her spare time, Karen enjoys crafting and upcycling items to give them a new life.

Mandi V

Mandi VonderHaar

Mandi joined LSS in 2007 as a member of our Scheduling Team. Shortly thereafter she transitioned to the LSS Support Team where she, like the rest of the team, has a variety of roles, but advocating for clients and their best interest is her passion. Mandi is a past recipient of LSS Spirit Award, in recognition of the commitment to the LSS Mission and Vision. She enjoys the summer months camping and spending time outdoors with her husband, their son, and 2 dogs. She enjoys the long winter months hibernating. 


Rosie Parsons

Rosie is one of our Debt Specialists on the LSS Support Team, who works on our Proposal and Retention teams, focused on getting creditor proposals accepted and conducting DMP reviews. Rosie has a degree in Finance and Credit Management and has spent the last 10 years managing inventory and providing excellent customer service. When Rosie isn’t busy working on DMPs, she enjoys being outdoors and traveling.

Sue H

Sue Hartman

Sue works in our accounting department at LSS as our Senior Accounting Clerk. She applies 25 years of progressive accounting experience when assisting the people we service with Debt Management Plan payment-related issues. Sue has a degree in Accounting, regularly attends professional development seminars and workshops, and recently received the LSS Spirit Award. She also enjoys volunteering at many professional and personal levels and loves the outdoors.