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    Get out of debt

    Overcoming debt is a challenge, but with the right tools and a little encouragement, you can take charge of your finances for good.

    Your debt free future awaits.

  • Don't Wait...Take Action Now.

  • Consider your options -- for free.
    To see your financial future clearly, you need proven tools and solutions that will last a lifetime. Our certified financial counselors are here to help, not take over. We'll provide the plan and guidance so you'll feel confident in managing your finances.

    • Evaluate your current financial situation
    • Develop a budget and plan of action to achieve your goals
    • Encouragement along the way
    • Consolidate your payments -- often with a lower interest rate -- so you can start paying off debts faster

  • Get started today!

    Budget and debt counseling is free and confidential. Choose the best option for you: 


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    Phone or In Person Appointment

    Call 888.577.2227
    Schedule a phone appointment at a convenient time for you or an office appointment at a Minnesota or Wisconsin location.

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    Get started any time of day - it only takes a few minutes. Just create a login and complete your financial profile. After that, a counselor will be in touch to offer some options and sound advice. 

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    Five Tips for a Fresh Prespective on Debt

    Do you have symptoms of financial neglect? Do you have several months' of unopened bills and mail at home or maybe have you stopped paying attention to your bank account? If yes, a DMP with LSS could be just what you need to get you back to financial success.

    Read 5 Tips for a Fresh Prespective on Debt

    What do I need for counseling?

    In order for your time to be most productive, it is helpful to have the following information available:

    •  Income 
    •  Typical monthly expenses 
    •  Statements from your creditors. (Don't have these? Our counselors can obtain a free version of your credit report at your request.) 
    •  Any other information you believe would be helpful in understanding your financial situation. 

    Don't have everything? Don't worry. Call anyway!

    Rod and Bonnie's Story

    Hear about the impact a Debt Management Plan had for couple Rod and Bonnie.

  • Testimonials

    Every day we help people learn to manage their finances.

    “I am on a Debt Management Plan with LSS and I have to tell you, I got teary eyed when I read my statement today. Three years from now I could be debt free!! That is my new focus! And my goal will be to NOT take out or charge any new debt on credit cards. I am so sick of the vicious cycle and I can’t even tell you the tears I have shed over my financial situation. LSS was my lifeline when there was no other place to turn. I would be so honored if this statement could help even just one person make the decision to work with LSS” —Marcia from Minnesota

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