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Counselor Testimonials

Counselor Ally  This is the only place in the world where differences don't matter, and compassion matters most. It changes lives, including mine. Coming here as a camper, then volunteer staff, and now K-Staff, I know, on every level, how this place can work miracles. It instills hope, love, and a sense of belonging in a world where, sometimes, that is hard to find.
Counselor Jacob  Being a part of Camp Knutson summer staff was the most rewarding and exciting job I have ever had.  Though the work can be difficult and the days can become long, it is all worth it in the end to know that I have had an impact in the life of a child with special needs.  Campers always say how much they love camp and how much impact the staff has had on them.  Little do they know the amount of impact that they have had on us!
~ Jacob
Counselor Anna  Working at Camp Knutson the last few summers has been awesome.  My experiences at camp are definitely going to be beneficial in my future career as an Occupational Therapist!
Jeff W.  My camp experience has given me an insight into how a positive mindset can affect your life. It has been a pleasure to see how the kids at Camp K bring such a positive attitude to life and it is contagious!
Counselor Amy At Camp Knutson, I have learned how to develop not only my leadership and teamwork skills but I have also developed as a person.  The people I meet and the children I have the privilege of working with have truly changed my life forever.
Counselor Alex  You can talk about the great things we are able to accomplish for days, but when it comes down to it, it's about the smiles and joy we are able to give these kids.
Counselor Kjerstan  I graduated this spring (2011) from St. Olaf College and am returning for my second summer at Camp Knutson. Camp K has such a special place in my heart, as it has not only introduced me to inspiring and courageous people, but has taught me how to be open-minded and revel in every breath we are given. Camp Knutson truly is a special place, filled with special people.