Services for Youth


The Rochester LINK Program

Welcome to The LINK - Living Independently with Knowledge

We offer a safe and supportive environment for teens and young adults.

Whatever your situation, if you would like to gain life skills, knowledge, and live independently in the near future, contact the LINK at 507.316.8273.

Youth who attend LI.N.K often find themselves lost, misguided, or unsure of their path in life; some are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless, some are parents, some find themselves in unhealthy living situations.


The youth workers at the LINK understand this can be a tough time. The Rochester LINK provides case management services, life-skills groups, peer support groups, a transitional housing program and fun activities for youth who are at-risk, homeless or have ran away. 
In addition to offering assistance with food, clothing, housing and employment, we also offer fun activities for you to get involved in retreats and recreational outings allow you time to get to know other youth in similar situations.  

We provide a safe environment where you can receive non-judgmental assistance from caring and trustworthy adults who are knowledgeable in overcoming the barriers of homelessness.

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