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    Our HUD-certified housing counselors are here to help with your housing situation. Whether you are struggling with mortgage payments, considering refinancing or a reverse mortgage or even buying a home..we are here to help.

    64% of homeowners who received counseling services were able to avoid foreclosure. Of the 64% who averted foreclosure, 90% were able to stay in their home.

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  • What can a LSS Housing Counselor do:

    • Review your current finances and give you a clear idea of your options and eligibility for a mortgage modification.
    • Work with you to submit paperwork to your mortgage company to apply for a mortgage modification.
    • Take advantage of government programs now available to help you save your home.
    • Help you postpone your sheriff's sale to enable you more time to work out a solution with your lender.

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    Housing Foreclosure Prevention Counseling is free and confidential.

    Call 888.577.2227 to schedule a phone or in-person appointment at one of our Minnesota or Wisconsin locations.

    My Sheriff's Sale Just Happened. What Are My Options Now?

    This question comes up on a fairly regular basis here in Minnesota. It goes without saying that it is best to address housing issues as early as possible, and that the options are greatly limited once the sale date has happened.

    Now that the sale has happened, what are my options?

    5 Ways to Spot a Loan Modification Scam

    Many homeowners are facing a seemingly never-ending sea of document requests and resubmission of paperwork to their lenders. There is an increase in mail and telephone solicitations as well. Many of these solicitors are looking for ways to get money out of you and may not have your best interest in mind.

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