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    Financial Choice Partnerships

    Tools and Solutions for Organizations
    For one set annual fee, our expert staff provide this financial wellness service tailored to suit your business, credit union, bank, tribe, or organization (community-based, faith-based or higher education). Our customized plans allow organizations to cover their employees or members with financial education workshops, integration of financial wellness into employee benefit plans, content for communications, in-depth financial counseling, and a dedicated partner relations specialist.
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     To find out how Financial Choice can benefit your organization and your customers or members, please contact us at 888.577.2227.


    Financial Education Classes & Workshops
    Organizations receive up to four sessions per year of financial education which our trained educators will deliver on your behalf for your employees, customers or members (eg, at business development “lunch and learns” or for customer/member events).

    Counseling Sessions
    Your customers or members are offered up to six sessions per year of financial counseling at no charge, choosing from budget counseling, credit report review, housing counseling, or checking account management skills.

    Priority Scheduling
    Your customers or members are guaranteed priority access to services with a trusted, local partner. In addition to phone and online counseling, Financial Choice members are offered in-person appointments within three (3) business days.

    Why Choose LSS Financial Counseling Service

    All LSS financial counselors are trained and NFCC-certified as both Consumer Credit Counselors and Housing Counselors to fully serve consumers that may be facing a myriad of financial problems.