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    Train-the-Trainer Program

    Train-the-Trainer is an intensive professional-level training led by an LSS Financial Counseling expert. It is specifically designed for front-line (direct service) employees in human services and anti-poverty programs and can be customized to fit your organization's unique needs.

    This practical and affordable training is usually 10 - 14 hours in length, and provides professionals with expertise and comfort in integrating financial coaching into their current work with clients.

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  • LSS Train-the-Trainer Program Objective

    Empower human service professionals in the community to teach, train and support others in learning financial literacy.

    What Participants Are Saying

    “These trainings rule over any webinar or video trainings because the trainer brings the curriculum to life with his interactive style and ability to encourage participants to open up. It's the style in which the material is presented that really sets it apart as the best.”

    “I will talk with my clients more about saving and investing and insurance. I have to admit I didn’t think this type of info was needed for my clients but am now on board 100% about the notion of the lottery group…I feel the energy to encourage and support low income families to think about, plan, dream and prepare for the future.”

    “All Four Directions provide the basis of moving from being debt free to having emergency funds to planning and saving for retirement. [I enjoyed the] you can do it attitude!” 

    Who should attend

    This program is intended for direct service professionals who:

    • Help individuals increase their knowledge of household budgeting.
    • Provide coaching and tools to individuals (teens/adults) to enable them to become financially stable.
    • Support the community through economic change.