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Helpful Documents

Here are some helpful documents and fact sheets for you to review.

Facing Financial Uncertainty? Take Action!

Transition from Survival to Success  (Webpage)
Five key actions, additional options when facing financial hardship, and top ten questions to ask your employer before your last day of work.
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Prioritize your Expenses (Webpage)
Facing financial uncertainty? Prioritizing your expenses is the first place to start.  
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Find Resources (Webpage)
10 key resources to help bridge financial gaps. This is for Minnesota residents only. 
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Budget and Credit Resources

Expense Tracking Form  (PDF)
Estimate your monthly expenses or track your spending with the weekly spending tracker.
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Periodic Expense Chart (PDF)
Periodic Expenses are items such as insurance or vehicle registration which may be paid quarterly or annually. It is important to set money aside for periodic expenses and unplanned emergencies.
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Strategies to Maintain and Improve your Credit Score (Webpage)
Generally, better credit terms are offered to consumers having higher credit scores. Every score can be improved—so take the steps needed to your score higher!
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Am I Exempt from Garnishment by a Judgement Creditor? Minnesota Residents Only (PDF)
What is a judgement and what are my options if I have one?
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Annual Credit Report Request Form (PDF)
Get a copy of your credit report to make sure the information is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. And, knowing what’s in your report may help guard against identity theft.
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The Collection Process (PDF)
A guide to understanding the collection process.
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Dealing with Creditors (PDF)
The Do's and Dont's of working with creditors.
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Envelope Budget System (PDF)
Using an envelope system can be a fun way to physically see what you earn each month and where the money is going.
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Ideas for Increasing Income (PDF)
Suggestions for adding income to your household.
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Ideas to Reduce Expenses (PDF)
Creative ideas to help you reduce expenses.
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How to Establish or Rebuild Credit (PDF)
Since so many financial decisions are based on credit history you may want to consider these options to establish or rebuild credit.
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Monthly Cash Flow Plan (PDF)
A big part of managing finances is knowing when money comes in and when it goes out. Use this form and keep track of your monthly cash flow plan.
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Payday Loans: What are my Options? (PDF)
Consumers using payday loans may find themselves unable to repay loans on the due date, resulting in a downward spiral.
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Resources for the Unemployed and Underemployed. Minnesota Residents Only (PDF)
Minnesota residents check out these resources!
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Weekly Spending Tracker (PDF)
Can't figure out where your money goes each week? Use this form and write down what you spend every day for a week. You might be amazed!
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How To Spend Two Thousand Dollars (PDF)
Two thousand dollars is a nice chunk of change by any measure. What you do with that tax refund can have an incredible impact on your financial future. LSS Financial Counseling Service suggests the best ways to use your tax refund.
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How To Write a Stop Contact Letter (Cease and Desist Letter) (PDF)
A sample and instructions on how to write a letter to your creditors or collectors asking them to stop contact.
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Debt Management Plan (DMP) Resources

A DMP and Your Credit Report (PDF)
Knowing what is on your credit report and understanding the information is important. It is recommended that you obtain a credit report at least once a year.
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Benefits of a DMP (PDF)
Are you tired of sending your monthly payments to credit card companies and the balances don't seem to go down? A DMP is a solution to help you successfully pay off your debt.
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DMP Q and A (PDF)
Our staff is committed to working with you to make your DMP a successful and positive experience!
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Getting a Jumpstart on your DMP (PDF)
Congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming debt free! Transitioning onto the DMP is just as important as making monthly payments.
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Current DMP Clients Resources

How to Complete a Money Order (PDF)
Directions on how to complete a money order for your DMP payment.
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How to Complete a Personal Check (PDF)
Directions on how to complete a personal check for your DMP payment.
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Electronic Payment Services (EPS) Rules and Regulations (PDF)
When you set up automatic payments, your DMP payments are automatically deducted from your checking or savings account every month via an Electronic Payment System (EPS). Learn more about EPS rules and regulations.
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Electronic Payment Services (EPS) Enrollment Form (PDF)
Get started with EPS for your next payment!
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Foreclosure Resources

Your Home Mortgage: What to do if you fall behind (PDF)
Be prepared to work with your lender.
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Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Glossary (PDF)
Our staff is committed to working with you to answer your questions.
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Tips for Talking with your Lender (PDF)
Your lender may be able to help you avoid missing mortgage payments or catch up on payments you have already missed.
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Making Home Affordable (PDF)
Making Home Affordable is a federal program that offers qualified homeowners a loan modification to help make mortgage payments affordable.
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Your Rights During the Redemption Period (PDF)
The term "redemption period" refers to the period of time after a foreclosure sale (sheriff's sale) has been held.
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Tax Issues: Foreclosure and Workouts (PDF)
Homeowners should be cautioned about the tax consequences of forgiveness of any portion of a loan, including a loan that goes through foreclosure.
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Understanding Workout Options (PDF)
If you are behind on your mortgage payments, a "workout" may be available through your lender.
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Reverse Mortgage Resources

What is Reverse Mortgage? (PDF)
A reverse mortgage is a loan which allows the eligible senior homeowner to gain access to some of their home equity.
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Understanding Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (aka Reverse Mortgages) (PDF)
Reverse mortgages are increasing in popularity with seniors who have equity in their homes and want to supplement their income.
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