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    "I'm excited to move forward and take control of my debts."

    All of our testimonials are from real clients - each one has learned to manage their finances and is working torwards financial success!


    Rod and Bonnie's Story

    Hear about the impact a Debt Management Plan had for couple Rod and Bonnie.

    • A Success Story from Sarah

      LSS has helped our marriage start with openness about finances and they continue to help us find a way to work together to set financial goals.
      When my husband, a graphic artist, and I got married, two years ago, it was a new beginning for both of us. When we remarried we joined not only households but debt. It became overwhelming to balance bills from both of us. I had accumulated credit card debt during my earlier divorce and my spouse had a number of medical bills from the years when he was uninsured. I also have back tax debt that makes it impossible to pay my current taxes. I had heard of LSS Financial Counseling before but had never called.
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      A success story from Stephan

      I am so proud when I say that each month all of my bills are paid and paid on time. And I am a homeowner!
      I reached out to LSS Financial Counseling Service after being turned down on a mortgage application. Being turned down was just the eye opener I needed to make the call. I wanted a house in the worst way for my family. I knew my credit was in disarray and it was all my doing. LSS helped me to feel empowered and gave me a plan of action and a strategy. I finally had the tools I needed to move ahead.
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      A Success Story from Mary

      Like many newly married couples, we had opposite ideas of how to handle our finances. My way of dealing with money was to save nothing and spend everything. Mike was the opposite and as a result we could never calmly discuss our financial situation. It was a hot button issue right from the beginning.
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      Why I Chose a DMP Over Bankruptcy

      LSS helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel.
      I went through a divorce in 2002 and obtained custody of my three young daughters. Going from a two income household to one was a huge change for me, especially with three kids. The expenses associated with being a single parent started piling up and I got to the point where every bill went on my credit card. Medical debt, car breaking down, etc. I soon built up a large amount of credit card debt. I started looking for some sort of solution with my problem because while I was able to make all the payments
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      How LSS Helped Us Save Our Home

      LSS and my counselor Tim helped me navigate through the scary process and ultimately protect my home.
      Once my husband and I were three payments behind, the mortgage company refused to accept anymore payments. I contacted them numerous times and filled out paperwork at least three different times to try to get some assistance to bring us current. Every person I talked to gave me different answer. At this point we didn't know where to turn. 
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      LSS Helped Me Consider All Of My Options

      My Counselor epitomizes that 'old school' ethic - 'give full attention - make each customer feel like he/she is your only customer.
      My Counelor Mary spent an hour with me, pulling my credit report and going over it and all the related documents I had brought with me. She not only carefully went through my figures and papers, she gave me the names of organizations that might be able to help me with difficulties I was having with a construction company. After a day or two I received a very helpful action plan from her based on our conversation and the history I'd given her.  I finally felt like I had a plan.
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      Cora Rebuilds After Bankruptcy

      After my Bankruptcy, I knew deep down that it was time to rebuild and move forward. But, like anything else, that is easier said than done. It took time to get myself together and admit that I needed more help. First, I pinpointed my goals: pay off my car loan, get a part time job and start taking college classes. I could see my financial future and I knew that I could do it but I needed a little help. I found a brochure for LSS at my local college and I felt like they could help me. My financial Counselor, Cherrish Holland, helped me understand that I was doing the right things and even taking the steps in the right direction.  
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      Countdown to Financial Freedom

      Being on a DMP has been an awesome experience for us. And it is always manageable. Now, I am not saying that it is always easy. There were months when I would have to get creative with my cooking or maybe buy clothes from a consignment shop. But who cares! Once I figured out that no one cares where I shop I became a much happier person. That was a huge self realization step for me.  
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      A DMP Helped Us Become A Money Smart Family

      After my divorce LSS helped me learn how to manage my finances.
      I realized I was in financial trouble after my divorce. I went from two salaries to one and tried to live the same lifestyle I always had. I didn’t have a good handle on how to manage money because my ex-wife had managed it. Before I knew it I had $40,000 in credit card debt. And then came the housing crash. Thankfully, I found LSS Financial Counseling and learned how consolidating my debt with a DMP could help.
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      How I Paid Off $48,000 in Credit Card Debt

      There are no words to thank LSS for all they have done to help me out of this extremely dark period and help me get my life back. I am one payment away from being credit card free. Here is my story.
      Then one day it happened. I had maxed out all of my credit cards. The phone was constantly ringing from credit card companies and I was afraid to go the mail box because I knew it would be nothing but bills. I tried to contact the credit companies and work with them but it didn’t seem to work. I knew I needed help. I am so thankful that I found LSS. 
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      How I Paid Off $8,000 in Credit Card Debt as a Single Mom

      Debt Free at Age 30!
      I learned the hard way what happens when you carry over balances month to month on credit cards. Now I pretty much stay away from credit cards unless I’m able to pay off the balance in full after using them. I completed the DMP in 4 years which was huge for me because I was debt free before I turned 30. And shortly afterward I got a mortgage and my credit has never been better. I highly recommend the DMP for anyone trying to pay off their credit cards. Without a DMP I would still be in debt!  
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    • "I contacted LSS after going through an out-of-state, big name credit counseling service. They were hard to communicate with, and the repayment process was burdensome and difficult to follow. LSS took me in, assessed my situation, and gave me an individual plan. They were more interested in my total well-being, than in just signing up for debt repayment. My counselor encouraged me to be sure I had basics and necessities taken care of first. And he did not want me to be overwhelmed. I felt the solutions were helpful, and the process to sign up was made easy. The payment options are very user-friendly. I would recommend this to anyone, and remember, you are not alone with help from LSS."----Becky from Minnesota 

    • "My counselor, Shannon did an AMAZING job! I had fun talking to her and she was very helpful and professional. I will recommend your service to anyone I feel can use it in a heartbeat! I am very appreciative of your service and glad it exists. I wish your company much success in helping people and growing. Thanks so much!"---Jennie 

    • "My counselor was extremely helpful and made me look at my debts with a clearer mind. I feel I have more of a handle on my situation and I am very excited to move forward in taking control of my debts and obligations. Thank you to your wonderful staff! Thank you!!!"  Willmar, MN

    • "The counselors were very knowlegeable, and extremely helpful. A great big "THANKS" for the knowledge, and moreso, the compassion extended." Minnesota

    • "I'm so thankful for the help LSS is able to offer. We are turning it around now, but I don't know how we could have without your help! Thank you! "  Stillwater, MN

    • "I thank-you for being there in my time of distress. I finally have a big weight lifted off of my shoulder. My counselor was a wonderful help and even told me a few things that I should look into with other things financially. Thanks again for having a service like this. I will recommend you to anyone with a crisis like mine."  Cottage Grove, MN

    •   “Thank you for your compassion and for treating me with dignity.” Duluth, MN

    •   “I’ve been telling everyone I know about LSS Financial Services. I am very impressed and like the follow up on being able to provide ongoing financial education.” Wisconsin

    • I am so happy that I learned about LSS financial counseling. I am relieved that I now have a plan in place to become debt free and am grateful for the respect shown to me by Financial Counselor, Julie Martinez. Some of the topics I discussed with her were very private and I was quite embarrassed by my financial situation. Julie treated me with dignity and did not shame me for past spending habits that were outside my means. I appreciate the assistance that LSS has provided and I am looking forward to paying off my debt! --Monica from Minneapolis

    • My Financial Counselor Kathy really worked hard to help me find a starting point and make a plan. She went above and beyond to make numerous phone calls WITH me to attempt to straighten out my student loans and get me on track for repayment. She helped me to ask the right questions and set up a plan that will work for me. She directed me to a bank to use that was willing to work with me and gave me several money saving tips. Kathy also helped me to set up a budget and allowed me to really look at it and make slight adjustments to fit my lifestyle, yet be realistic. I greatly appreciated her knowledge and willingness to help.—Jessica from Minnesota


    • “My Financial Counselor Mary was an inspiration at a very difficult time in my life. I've worked for an organization for 31+ years and suddenly found myself on the other side of the desk. Meeting with Mary made me feel so comfortable. You should be so honored to have her working for a program as wonderful as LSS. I learned of this service through my own personal networking experiences and through the organization I was employed with. Keep up the good work! People really need this service during this tough economy.”Muriel from Brooklyn Park 

    • "I want to take this opportunity to say that the services that you and LSS provide are absolutely exceptional and when good people (me I hope) make really bad decisions financially, having LSS there to lead us out of this horrible situation is simply a godsend! So thank you!!” Counseled Client from Minnesota  

    • “My counselor Mary was helpful and nonjudgmental. She really got me to understand what needed to be done. I had to cancel my second appointment but have put her suggestions into action. My credit score has improved and I am making good progress on my debt. I plan to call soon and make another appointment with Mary as life changing events are coming.” --Anonymous Credit Counseling Client

    • “I am on a Debt Management Plan with LSS and I have to tell you, I got teary eyed when I read my statement today. Three years from now I could be debt free!! That is my new focus! And my goal will be to NOT take out or charge any new debt on credit cards. I am so sick of the vicious cycle and I can’t even tell you the tears I have shed over my financial situation. LSS was my lifeline when there was no other place to turn. I would be so honored if this statement could help even just one person make the decision to work with LSS”—Marcia from Minnesota

    • “Mary Ellen gave me a lot of helpful information and it was a very positive experience. I felt comfortable and have a very good understanding of where to start. I love the fact that she allowed me to ask any questions I wanted and provided me with so many useful resources and tools. She gave me a great list of attorneys and the one I talked to was amazingly friendly and helpful." —Kim from Minneapolis