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  • Are you willing to share your story?

    Many people are facing a similar financial situation as you. Hearing about other people's success stories often makes a huge difference, and may give another family the courage to seek out help. Are you willing to share your story?

    Information Release

      Feel like your story might really make an impact but don't feel comfortable sharing your name? No problem. Let us know it is OK for us to share your story anonymously. We may use it in the media or on our website. Your name will not be shared nor will you be contacted.
      Might you be open to sharing your story and including your name, picture or more? Share your story and if we have an opportunity for your story to make an impact, we will follow up with you for more information. You can always decline a media opportunity, or decline permission for information to be shared on our website.

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    Before your name is ever shared with a reporter, you will first be contacted by LSS and we will answer any questions you might have about the interview process. You will always have the right to refuse a request for an interview.

    By completing this release form, you grant permission for Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota to share the following about you and/or members of your family without compensation for public use to illustrate LSS programs and services.



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    Tell us your story. Start with your original situation and how you felt prior to meeting with your counselor. Explain how counseling helped your situation and how you feel now: