Meet the Staff

Eva Song Margolis, Economic Empowerment & Employment Services Director

Eva Song Margolis

E-mail: Eva.Margolis@lssmn.org
Phone: 651.771.2566 ext. 200

Eva Song Margolis serves as the Economic Empowerment & Employment Services Director where she provides leadership and management for all aspects of the Eastside Financial Center’s programs and LSS’ Employment Counseling and Training services. She has worked in the nonprofit industry and on grassroots movements relating to the struggle for social and economic justice for over a decade. Eva was previously employed at Prepare + Prosper (formerly AccountAbility Minnesota) where she developed partnerships with financial institutions and service providers to offer asset-building services. She has experience working with youth and the arts, and a passion for seeing a powerful and organized community voice. Eva received her B.A. from Occidental College in Los Angeles majoring in Anthropology. She is a proud mother and loves reading, writing, music, and spoken word.

Bill Allexsaht, Career Specialist


E-mail: BAllexsaht@GoodwillEasterSeals.org
Phone: 651.771.2566 ext. 254

Bill Allexsaht is a Goodwill Easter Seals of Minnesota Career Specialist at the Eastside Financial Center, assisting job seekers in reaching their short term and long term goals in employment. Bill develops individualized services in one-to-one contacts with job seekers and builds knowledge of job seeking skills and community resource information in order to provide complete services to participants. Bill has worked in the human services field for many years, in various stages of direct service, supervision, coordination and management. Bill has a BA Degree in Cultural Anthropology and a Master’s Degree in Management and Administration. Bill has worked as an employment counselor for the last five years, performing the role that has brought him the most satisfaction in his career-seeing other people making great strides in their lives and careers. Bill enjoys music, reading books, sports and exercise, and visiting his family all over the country. The Eastside Financial Center partners with Goodwill Easter Seals of Minnesota for Employment Services.

Madeline Geitz, Systems Change Innovator


Email: Madeline.Geitz@lssmn.org
Phone: 651.771.2566 ext. 203

Madeline Geitz is the Systems Change Innovator at the Eastside Financial Center (EFC). As a Volunteer in Service to America (VISTA), she assesses current programming, develops future organizational action, and strengthens communications. Madeline is part of the C3 Twin Cities VISTA program. Before working at the EFC, Madeline worked in various non-profit and community organizing roles, as well as developed a background in archival management. Madeline is a 2017 graduate of Carleton College, where she received a B.A. in Asian Studies. In her free time, Madeline enjoys exploring the Twin Cities, learning languages, and trying new foods.

Johan Madrigal Torres, Program Coordinator & Financial Counselor


E-mail: Johan.MadrigalTorres@lssmn.org
Phone: 651.771.2566 ext. 229

Johan is a certified financial counselor with LSS Financial Counseling Services and a program coordinator for the Bridges to Career Opportunities program. Johan is responsible for helping clients improve their financial situation by developing plans to pay off debt, create manageable and sustainable budgets, and start savings accounts, as well as providing credit report reviews to improve their credit reports and scores. Johan received his B.A. from Concordia College in Moorhead MN majoring in Social Work. Originally from Costa Rica, Johan is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Mohammed Quttaineh, Administrative Assistant


E-mail: Mohammed.Qttaineh@lssmn.org
Phone: 651.771.2566

Mohammed Quttaineh is an Administrative Assistant the Eastside Financial Center (EFC), where he greets guests, oversees the front desk, and manages incoming phone calls.

Prior to joining the EFC, Mohammed had a prolific and extensive career in the aviation industry for over 30 years, serving in roles such as an aircraft dispatcher, flight engineer, pilot examiner, aircraft incident investigator and for 5 years as a commercial pilot for a major airline. Mohammed also has previous experience in the car, food, and sales industries. Most recently, he served as a refugee aide helper at a Twin Cities social service agency where he assisted new Americans providing orientation, interpretation, and information on resources for life in the United States. Mohammed enjoys helping people where he can, as he explains, “If I can make somebody happy, it makes me very happy.”

Mohammed is a graduate of the Av-Tex School of Aviation in Fort Worth, Texas as well as the FAA Center in Oklahoma. His previous studies also included institutions in Jordan and Jerusalem. In addition to English language, Mohammed is a native speaker of Arabic.

In his free time, Mohammed enjoys spending time with his family.

Phia Vue, Program Coordinator & Financial Counselor


E-mail: Phia.Vue@lssmn.org
Phone: 651.771.2566 ext. 206

Phia Vue is a certified financial counselor with LSS Financial Counseling Services and a program coordinator for the Bridges to Career Opportunities program.  Phia helps clients learn about options for dealing with debts, review credit reports to better understand the importance of using credit wisely, and improve budgeting skills. He is an experienced counselor with a passion for helping families through tough times. One of Phia’s financial counseling goals is to help clients “Spend less and Save more.” He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and is fluent in English and Hmong.

Viva Yang, Senior Program & Communications Manager


E-mail: Viva.Yang@lssmn.org
Phone: 651.771.2566, ext. 253

Viva Yang is the Eastside Financial Center Senior Program & Communications Manager, where his responsibilities involve operations, strategic partnerships, communications, development, special projects, the Bridges to Career Opportunities program, and Customized Matched Savings programming. Yang has worked in various positions over the last fifteen years in the communications, journalism, nonprofit, philanthropic, and international education sectors. Yang is a graduate of St. Olaf College, where he received a B.A. in Communications. Yang enjoys learning and speaking different languages, travelling, writing, music, graphic design, and photography.