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    Budget & Debt FAQs

    Every day we help people learn to manage their finances.

    Overcoming credit card debt is an accomplishment worth celebrating. And getting there takes healthy financial habits. We can help. Check out our frequently asked questions below. Visit our resources section that has helpful handouts and financial calculators. And check out our blog, Sense and Centsibility. for posts about everything financially related.

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  • How long does an appointment take?

    A typical Debt Counseling appointment takes about an hour. This is just the first step in moving forward financially. We encourage follow-up appointments and check ins along your path to reaching your financial goals. Financial counselors are also on call if you just have a few minutes for a quick question.
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    What is the cost?

    Debt Counseling appointments are completely free and of course confidential. Follow-up appointments are encouraged and are always free.
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    Can you pull my credit report?

    Yes…with your permission during an in person or phone appointment we are able to access a copy of your credit report. Our trained staff will give you concrete things you can do to improve your credit report.
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    Does talking to a counselor automatically sign me up for anything? Will I be obligated to do anything?

    Doing a free debt counseling appointment with us has absolutely NO obligations. We are here to help you reach your financial goals. If our Debt Management Plan is a realistic solution for you, we will discuss the pros and cons and you will decide how best to move forward.
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    What do I need to have ready for my appointment?

    Our goal is to meet you where you are at right now. Having the following information available can be helpful, but is not a requirement for setting an appointment. 

    •  Income 
    •  Typical monthly expenses. 
    •  Statements or a listing of your creditors. 
    •  Any other information you believe would be helpful in understanding your financial circumstances.
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    How many creditors do you work with?

    LSS Financial Counseling Service has a well established network within the creditor community. Because of our affiliation with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), we have strong relationships with many of the nation's major credit corporations as well as with many smaller unsecured creditors.
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