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Summer Camp

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The campers at Camp Knutson are inspiring.

They value “fitting in” and the special friendships made at camp– friendships that often last long after campers have returned home.

What campers say about Camp Knutson


All of my best friends are from camp. Everyone’s so different yet so the same. It's heaven on earth.

I think camp is a great place to go. There is so many fun activities indoors and outdoors to do. Meeting new friends is one of the coolest! I love to be there to have fun and especially see my friends! Fun is the most important thing ; you always fit in. Two girls saying goodbye

In my life there has always been a reason why I couldn't do this or that, I have never been able to make friends easily for the simple fact that I look different. At camp, I don't have to worry about those things; at camp, everyone has something physically wrong with them so you don't have to hide at camp; you can just be you.

My life changed when I went to Camp Discovery as a staff member for the first time in the summer of 1997. I saw a community form during that week based on love, acceptance and fun! It wasn't a community that was limited to that week, however, as friendships formed that continued to grow throughout the year in between. I was hooked! Coming back every year since I have had the joy of watching some of those campers from my first year grow and eventually become junior staff themselves so they may spread the joy of camp to new waves of campers every year.

Camp is my favorite place on earth to go because no one judges each other and great friendships are made. We keep in touch all year through e-mail and help each other through our hard times. I can't wait to see her again this summer. We always have the best time!

What parents say about Camp Knutson

"She came back more confident and outgoing. Amazing what a difference one week can make."

"It has been the best experience for her. We have had her to two other support group-type organizations and this camp had the most positive impact on her life. I only wish we had found out about camp sooner.”

"It was wonderful! Our son had never been to a camp, other than day camps, before. We were anxious about it, as was our son. The staff and counselors were very welcoming and reassuring and we all felt comfortable."

"His first words to us when we came to pick him up were "I'm coming back next year!" - even before hello or glad to see you."