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Summer Camp

Girl on horse with helmet

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our campers is a top priority at Camp Knutson.

Camp Knutson staff is trained to anticipate and manage risk to ensure a fun and fulfilling camp experience for all.

Health Clinic

Camp Knutson features an on-site health clinic with examining room, bath, specialized tub room and hospital room.  Our clinic is used by our partner organizations that provide skilled nurses and doctors to care for campers and their specific needs.   During our camp for children with serious skin disease we have dermatologists on staff and during our heart camps we have cardiologists on staff.

Safety First

Upon arrival, and throughout their stay, our campers are given clear directions and expectations for safe behavior.

Appropriate safety equipment is used and maintained for all necessary camp activities.  For example, anyone in a watercraft must wear a lifejacket; anyone riding a horse or riding a bike must wear a helmet and the proper footwear and pants. Archery and fire building are well supervised by Camp Knutson trained staff.  Boy with lifejacket on

Our staff is trained in emergency procedures, as well as First Aid, CPR, and AED.  Furthermore, they are trained to anticipate and manage risks before they become problematic.

Our facility is fully stocked with readily accessible first-aid kits, epi-pens and equipment, and our counselors carry "Fast Pack" first aid kits with them at all times.

We have established relationships with local paramedics, police, and fire departments, and we are just moments from help, should we need it. 

Should you have any specific questions or concerns about our safety policies, procedures, or practices, please contact Jared Griffin or Caitlin Malin at 218.543.4232.