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Summer Camp

Group of girls hugging

Camp Knutson Staff

Our staff come from around the world and the United States seek to spend their summer helping provide a magical camping experience for special kids at Camp Knutson.

Our program staff at Camp Knutson are carefully trained to work with kids with medical and physical challenges. In addition, our staff works closely with the varied support teams that accompany the different camping groups to meet their unique needs. Boy and CounselorMany college students are part of our summer team of well-rounded, diverse, and caring leaders.  We are very selective about the all the staff we hire. Our program staff love working with children, and love helping them learn and grow!  

Each fall, after working at camp, many of our camp staff return to college to major in teaching, public health, physical therapy, youth counseling, child psychology, pre-med or similar professions.

From our program specialists, grounds staff, to friendly cooking staff, our main focus is to provide a safe, caring atmosphere for all who come to Camp.