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2011 Annual Report

  • WomanWithChildren

    An Extraordinary Year

    God loves all creation without condition and yearns for us to love the neighbor.

     Crystal Deputy has a story that is uniquely her own, and it shares something in common with the roughly 100,000 stories that happen each year with the support of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota. What’s the common element? A sense of Biggest Possibility. 

    Crystal had a rough, neglected childhood. Today, in her mid-twenties, she is strong and happy. She is a great mom to three children, has a steady job, and owns her own home in Duluth. She lives with a sense of what is possible for her family. 

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  • Areas of Service


    Children Youth and Families 

    Minnesota’s children, youth and families have safe, stable homes and the opportunity to thrive in community.



    Older Adults

    Minnesota’s older adults have choice in their services and opportunities to contribute to community.

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    People With Disabilities

    Minnesota’s people with disabilities have access to services and a full life in community.

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